To get rid of a diseased or dead tree, you simply had chop it down and plant a new one in its place, right?


Well, sort of… At most times, yes, cutting down a tree is by simply chopping it down, however, it can be complicated too specially if it’s diseased which can make matters worse for the plants, and people, surrounding it.

Sure you can do it by yourself especially if you’re equipped with the right power tools such as a chainsaw, shovels, an ax, and even a truck or backhoe to clean it all up – so when do you need a tree surgeon? And is it really worth employing one to take care of your tree problems?

  • Tree Pruning: yes, even the simplest of tasks requires the expertise of a tree surgeon! While almost every man can do it, it’s best to ask help from a tree surgeon to avoid damages to your property, electricity and communications wires, and even from your own neighbor! A tree surgeon will delicately prune overgrown trees with accuracy so you wouldn’t have to worry about it toppling down on Mrs. Bakers house!
  • Reductions:  trees come in all shapes, colours,and sizes, while you can simply pull out a trees leaves and or twigs, that isn’t the proper way to do reductions on a tree. Having a tree surgeon work on their magic on your trees can give you a great deal of peace, this allows your trees to look more beautiful especially if you’ll be hosting a party in your garden anytime soon. Now, pruning isn’t just limited to small and medium trees in your backyard, tree surgeons are also taught to prune large and even gigantic trees.
  • Thinning out Large Trees: speaking of large trees, although they’re breathtaking and beautiful, and unless it’s in a forest, large trees can pose a serious threat to you and your surroundings especially during harsh weather conditions. Tree surgeons can help you thin out your large trees and allow it to live its entire life, tree surgeons can also add in some personal flair in thinning out large trees by changing its shape.
  • Crown Thinning, Reduction, and Shaping : now we believe that nature should take its course and it has every right to do so, however, there are times when man needs to interfere. Tree surgeons can take care of a tree’s crown by thinning, reducing, and even shaping it, this minimises accidents and maximises its capacity to provide shade and shelter to the animals that inhabit it.
  • On Site Logging:  a tree has many uses and its life doesn’t end when its cut down, many people need firewood to keep them warm especially during winter or for those who simply want to go camping in the woods. At often times, artists and craftsmen alike will also need a trees parts to create their latest work; chairs to intricate sculptures. Of course, only the best trees are used, tree surgeons will take care of diseased trees not only to eliminate but also help prevent the diseases to spread to other trees.

Worry not as all tree surgeons are licensed professionals and have the knowledge to take care of trees properly, in fact, they offer a wide range of services that can bring out the best in trees especially if you manage a park.