Tree surgeons will carry this out in a safe and staged manner the appropriate felling techniques in accordance with the standards of your country.

But what exactly is felling and how is it different from simply cutting a tree?

How does one benefit from it?

Felling is the process in taking down trees, it is also one of the operations of logging,  For everyone’s safety of the  workers and the clients, the areas are cleared of fallen and most importantly, dead trees. For felling to be successful, it is important to have a professional and organised team

How is Tree Felling Done?

Tree felling begins with an undercut in the side, certain depth, where the cut forms a wedge, it’s then cut on the upper edge which can usually be found on the opposite side of  the direction of the  fall, this method ensures that the trees are taken down precisely.  Tree felling is made easier with the help of high powered chainsaws, although sometimes some companies may use shovels and  occasionally felling levers and shovels are used for this purpose. Trees are being felled to help preserve as much undergrowth, this also makes it  moving around. Don’t worry, companies who do tree felling services will be equipped with such tools to make it easier for them to do their job.

What Makes Tree Felling Successful?

For felling to be successful, there are various methods that companies and even clients have to follow, below are some of the steps that makes tree felling successful:

  1. Plan Ahead:  preparation is key when it comes to tree felling, no matter how big or small that tree is. ask yourself whether there are any obstacles, no matter if it’s big or small – yes that includes electrical lines, roads or buildings. Put up warning signs on the road you will be working on might experience disruptions from people, vehicles, and even wildlife.
  2. Check where the tree will fall:  If a tree surgeon isn’t sure of the tree’s natural falling direction, they will take careful consideration in  studying the tree to determining the felling direction but don’t worry as most tree surgeons studies your trees for a couple of days and even for a week. But the clients also have to be aware of the tree’s felling direction so that you won’t get into any accidents.
  3. Pruning the Trunk: prune the trunk of twigs and branches, your tree surgeon will know and have the right tools to properly prune the branches. Tree surgeons will know what to do and which cutting technique they will use to ensure that your trees won’t harm anyone in their path.
  4. Check for diseases: one thing that sets tree surgeons apart is that they can tell whether plants have diseases, they can also treat them for the diseases and even help prevent them for spreading.

So don’t hesitate in approaching tree surgeons in your area regarding tree felling especially if you have trees that may hinder or even harm your neighbors and your surrounding area, tree felling helps in avoiding such accidents and can even help beautify your place, this also helps trees grow stronger and healthier.